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The Cambridge Online Maths Club

Pass Maths

The Cambridge Online Maths Journal for A-level students.

Why knot: knots. molecules and stick numbers

A very relevant example of its excellent material plus
Review of RPAMaths CDRom

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

The famous institute in Cambridge.
See the Art section for more views of John Robinson's sculptures.

St Andrews History of Mathematics 

The award-winning history of mathematics archive, and a treasure of famous curves. 

The Bradshaw Foundation

This foundation hosts John Robinson's own site plus a fascinating site devoted to rock art.

Virtual Image

Producer of the beautiful animations of John Robinson's sculptures used on our site.

CDRoms available on Mathematics and Art, Shape and Space, Polytopes, and many others. Author of how to Find teaching jobs in London and teaching academy courses. 

The KnotPlot Site

An extraordinary collection of knots 

Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden section

The Golden Mean

George Hart's Virtual Polyhedra

The Geometry Junkyard

Museum of Puzzles and Puzzling Objects

Many links to mathematical resources. 

Gallery of Mathematical Images

Some really nice moving images of four dimensional objects 

Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences

University of Massachussetts GANG Library Surfaces, Knots, Conformal Flows, Software. 


Magic Sets


A project from the Los Alamos National Laboratory 

Matrix Editions

"serious math written with the reader in mind" - deals with mathematical imagery, vocabulary and concepts in literature.


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