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As you will learn from MY HISTORY, the first ten years of my sculpting career were spent doing Figurative Works. To earn my living I specialised in sculpting life-size children in clay, and having them cast in bronze. Although I love children and capturing their likenesses and activities, after doing over 100 commissions the subject matter was no longer stimulating me artistically. I was then 40 years old, and subconsciously I was looking for a new form in which to express all the things that I had learnt of `life', something unique to myself.

I have always been interested in the prehistory of Modern Man, especially the art, and its use of Symbols. One evening, after listening to Mozart's Third Violin Concerto, I was sitting in the dark, thinking about the commencement of the Adagio movement. The solo violin theme grows and swells into a beautiful phrase. A sculpture, which for me captured that theme, appeared in my mind's eye, as a Symbol. Next day I made the sculpture ADAGIO in plaster. The experience was as exciting and intense as any feeling I have had in my life.

This was how my first SYMBOLIC SCULPTURE was born. The experience was so exhilarating that I started to look for other values of `life' that could be expressed symbolically. I found that I had opened a flood gate and since then I have been blessed with a stream of images, many of which are represented in these pages. ADAGIO as my first baby, has a special place in my heart.


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