Tokyo, (Private) Japan



"Before birth the girl child
carries the seed of life"


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When I am showing visitors around one of the private collections that is home to 30 of my Symbolic Sculpture, we follow a wandering path that threads naturally through a wood. Nearing the end of the walk we come to a group of sculptures that I introduce to the viewers as "The Maternity Ward". They are titled MATERNITY, WOMB, CONCEPTION, and EMBRYO and follow next..

The greatest experience of my life is being married. Falling in love, growing to care for someone more than you care for yourself, companionship, and all the other wonderful things that come from being married, came home to me with incredible force, when, as a father, I held our first baby the day he was born. It is these feelings that I have tried to capture symbolically in these four sculptures.

First there comes WOMB. When I first saw my grandaughter, I thought of the miracle she already possessed. Before birth the girl baby already carries the seed of life, the next generation. The egg inside the egg. This is the way I have depicted WOMB.


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