Evolution - first view

Artist's Studio, England

EVOLUTION 1. First View

"a chain of coincidences, governed by geometry"



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After completing the sculpture LIFE in which I tried to depict my ideas about Replicators as a sphere of rhombuses, the next step was to try and create out of the same forms a symbolic sculpture for EVOLUTION.

I think of all Evolution as a chain of coincidences.

When I put together the column of EVOLUTION, I marked one side of each diamond by painting it red, then assembled the column in an alternating format, so when the viewer walked around the sculpture, it would hopefully give a sense of changing combinations.

When I had completed the Column, I realised that if this did represent a form of Life, the next step would be for "it" to break free from Mother Earth, become "a part of the environment of replicators". It could do this by rolling itself into a Circle, so creating a "front and back", while still maintaining its alternating colour combination. Such a form could be more stable, and could also replicate sideways to the original version.

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