spark of life

The Philip Trust Collection (Private), England



With the SPARK OF LIFE I have tried to capture the illusive essence of Life. The electricity that runs in us all, which we feel in our emotions, bringing tears to our eyes, and putting lumps in our throats. The tingle of horror that runs in our spine, or the pounding of excitement to our hearts. The awareness of being alive.

In the sculpture I have made the `Running Spirals' reach out to touch each other, so that the centres come together and a spark can jump between them.

I like to give my Symbolic Sculptures names so that the viewer has a doorway through which to pass to make their own interpretation of the sculpture. I once showed this sculpture to a friend, who immediately said, "for me it is Adam and God on the Sistine Chapel ceiling." Of course I was delighted.

Under the title of CONCEPTION, I have talked about my fascination of the Running Spiral, and I have included illustrations dating back to 16,000 BC.

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