Artist's Studio, England



"The universe is the materialisation of a
Divine idea"

in Ogham writing

Three of my interests come together in this sculpture.

First of all is my fascination for Standing Stones.

More than fifty years ago, and as we only lived 10 miles away, my mother would take our weekend visitors to see Stonehenge, and I would always tag along. This means that I have known these magnificent `standing stones' all my life. We always had the site to ourselves, barring a few sheep!

Twenty five years ago, when we came back to live in England from Australia, I took my three sons to see Stonehenge. In those days we could still walk amongst the stones, in fact we had a picnic on the altar stone ! Unfortunately now the visitors are not allowed within a 100 feet of the stones which is a pity because the great thing about standing stones is to be able to touch them.

After visiting Stonehenge, we took the boys camping in Wales and walked over the Prescelly Mountains, where the giant Sarsen stones of Stonehenge were collected 5000 years ago.

I have visited standing stones whenever possible all around the world. Orkney, Brittany, Corsica, Avebury, Malta, Petra. Always I am filled with awe. They radiate power. I wanted to create a Symbolic Sculpture with `standing stones'.

My Second interest came from wanting to inscribe my Creed.

For many years now I have been unable to accept outright any of the Faiths on offer, so I decided to invent my own Creed, that would allow for the miracles that science was revealing, but also allow room for a mystery. I have settled for the following:-

"The Universe is the materialisation of a divine idea".

My Third interest is prehistory, and in this case, Ogham writing.

The Ogham script was used in Ireland and the British Isles, especially in Wales. It runs down the edges of `standing stones' in a similar fashion as on my Symbolic Sculpture. It has a marvellous sculptural quality that appeals to me. I decided to invent my own Ogham script and carve my Creed down the edges of three `standing stones'. The project was never completed, but I was able to finish the polished bronze model shown here.

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