Robert A. Hefner III Collection, Aspen, USA
A 3ft high edition of this sculpture was the gift
of the British Olympic Committee to the new
Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.



"Exaltation of Spirit"

In this Rocky Mountain setting the sculpture gives me the feeling that man is pointing at the future, reaching out towards the Galaxy wherein lies our destiny.

ELATION was inspired by the figurative sculpture that I did, named ACROBATS. I was looking for a symbol to represent the same emotions expressed by the power of the figures. Balance, made possible by physical fitness combined with a will to achieve and the joy of succeeding. I also wanted to capture the essence of the Golden Rule in the symbol.

ELATION to me is the perfect example of how a Symbolic Sculpture can say so much more to the viewer than a figurative one. I did the ACROBATS in 1970. For me the Symbolic version ELATION stretches the mind with emotions and images and `exalts the spirit'.


ACROBATS, Australian National Sports
Centre, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

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