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"time and space are inseparable"


I have refered to the book called `The Three Big Bangs' by Dauber and Muller in the text of PULSE and STAR BURST. When I reached Part III `Creation of the Universe', I must admit that I became lost in the language.

`Conditions in the earliest universe, Spacetime was exploding so rapidly that it may have been tightly curved, possibly back on itself'.

`The curvature of Spacetime produces expansion, while the distribution of matter and energy makes Spacetime curve a certain way'.

`the curvature of Spacetime near the Sun is responsible for the circular orbit of the Earth'.

By the time I had reached the end of the book I had my own vision of Spacetime, a union of space and time, which became a sculpture.

As the sun travels across the sky, the shaft of light that shines through the two similar sections of the cone, crosses the space between the circles of the cresent, acting like a sundial. For me it contains the sense of infinity and curvature.

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