John Robinson

artist with some sculptures

John Robinson with versions of Dependent Beings, Bonds of Friendship, Eternity and Elation

Working from a studio in Devon, and later in Somerset, JOHN ROBINSON made a name as a sculptor of children, and sports figures. His Hammer Thrower is outside the Bowring Building, Tower Hill, London, and his 5 metre Acrobats is outside the Sports Centre in Canberra. He was Official Sculptor for the British Olympic Committee in 1988. His Gymnast is at the new Olympic Museum in Lausanne, donated by the Australian Olympic Committee.

In the early 1970s Robinson began the UNIVERSE SERIES of SYMBOLIC SCULPTURE, which now comprises over one hundred works, including sculptures in bronze, wood, stainless steel, and marble, and eleven tapestries. A selection has been exhibited at Leeds, Bangor, Liverpool, Wadham College Oxford, Churchill College Cambridge, London, Barcelona, and Zaragoza.


In creating the UNIVERSE SERIES, John Robinson traces a path from the beginning of time to the present day. The whole collection symbolically portrays the earth, animals, man and woman, birth, religion, civilisation and death. Each work is a visual interpretation of the artist's feelings; each is created in a form found in nature such as the spiral, ovoid, circle and cone. In the illustrative parts of this gallery the viewer will find a descriptive phrase accompaning each of the items, placing them in the context of a path traced through time.




wish to thank the following people, without whose help the sculptures, tapestries and these pages would not have been possible:

Adolfo Agolini, Ron and Betty Beaver, Mario Benbassat, Anna Coyle, Tim and Sally Emanuel, Ronnie Brown, Robert Hefner III, Pam Launari, Damon and Sandra de Laszlo, Claudio Mariani, Peg Newman, Enzo Plazzotta, Allan Russell, Roy Wakeford, Richard Stone, and Cara Quinton to mention just a few of those involved.

Fonderia Mariani, Pietrasanta, Italy.

Atelier Goubely, Aubusson, France.

Henraux, Carrara, Italy.

Vertex, Yeovil, England.

Andrew Begg, Sydney, Australia. Karen Keeney, Aspen, USA
Sandra de Laszlo, and Trevor Barker, England.

The Damon and Sandra de Laszlo Foundation
The Robert A.Hefner III Foundation

All of the above have our very sincere thanks.

The photographs of the Symbolic Sculptures in these pages were taken in either the sculpture collections of Robert A.Hefner III, Damon de Laszlo, The Philip Trust, the Universities of Wales, Cambridge, Oxford, Barcellona, Macquarie University, and Harvard, or Edition Limitee.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the owners of my work for allowing me to reproduce them, and at the same time to express my sincere thanks for their generous and unfailing support over the last 20 years. Without the support of my Patrons there would be no Symbolic Sculptures.

Sperone Speroni, a Venetian author, b 1500, wrote `the key to civilisation is the creation of wealth and the patronage of the arts'. The Patron and the Artist together create an enviroment for Gestalt, which is the essence of what I have tried to capture in my Symbolic Sculpture.

I would also like to thank Ronnie Brown for all his help and advice. Our friendship is one of the joys of my life. He opened the door into the wonderful world of the University of Wales Bangor, owners of four of my Symbolic Sculptures, and led to my being enrolled as an Honorary Fellow of the University.


For My Family

The Past, my parents, Nan and Bill
The Present, my wife, Margie
The Future, our grandchildren
Charlotte, Lucy, William, Samuel, Kimberley, Harry, and Amber

"May fortune smile on them as she has on me"

Artist with his grandson
The Artist with his grandson Sam
Michelangelo's Marble Quarry, Summit of Mt. Altissimo
, Carrara

"The Etruscans believed their shadows were their Souls"

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