Force of Freedom

Robert A.Hefner III Collection, Aspen, USA


HEIGHT 11FT (3.5M)

"This sculpture has been renamed Force of Freedom as a tribute to the everlasting memory of all those who had their lives snatched from them by the dark forces of bigotry in the attack on the United States of America, September 11th, 2001"


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I suppose that because I spend so much of my day thinking about sculpture, it is natural that I should also dream about it. I awoke from a dream in which I was standing in front of this sculpture. I got up and went down to my study, and made it in cardboard.

Force - closeup

The sculpture represents Gravity and Centrifugal force meeting at the surface of the Earth, where the evolution of life has taken place. Imagine my delight when I found that where the forces met, they formed a rhombus, the symbol that we believe our Celtic ancestors used for fertility ( see Celtic Petroglyphs ).

My friend and patron, Robert A.Hefner III, had been telling me about the amazing amounts of bacteria he has found up to 3 miles below the earth's surface, when drilling for gas and oil. Life exists not only on the surface of the planet but for miles below.

In my mind I see the East-West horizon of the rhombus as the surface of the earth,the home of evolution, and the North-South as the air and the mantle, both full of life.

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