Celtic Petroglyphs

The photograph below is of one of the marvellous Celtic Petroglyth carvings at the New Grange tumulus near Dublin, Ireland, thought to be 5000 years old, showing the rhombuses symbol of fertility used in GENESIS.

Breast Plate


This beaten gold breast plate, 5 inches
square, (15cm), was found amongst the
bones of a tall robust man in the most
important burial mound at Stonehenge,
England. Was he the architect of the
greatest of the Stone Age Monuments?


new grange


One of the best examples of this is the entrance stone of New Grange tumulus near Dublin, Ireland. This symbol is so powerful and to me means `expanding awareness'.



An even older form of this spiral, dating from 16,000 BC, has been found at Mal'ta, Siberia. On this ivory medallion is a large spiral that seems to come out of the hole in the centre. On the other side of the medallion are carved three snakes. But for me the exciting thing is the three pairs of `running spirals' just as I have used in CONCEPTION. This sculpture is cut from an ovoid, the symbol of life.


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