Licensing the RPAMath CDRom

The CDRom is

© Centre for the Popularisation of Mathematics, U.C.N.W.,Bangor, 2000-1

It may be used freely, with acknowledgement, for educational, artistic or scientific purposes but may not be used commercially, in texts, or in other electronic media, without permission of the publishers. It may not be resold without permission of the publishers.

You may license the CDRom for institutional use on a network, and a one year contract has been agreed with Mathematics at Cardiff for use with their Knot Theory Course. We welcome discussion of additional arrangements.

This licensing arrangement reflects the origins of the CDRom in an EC grant. Funds from selling and licensing will be used to continue the work, for example new versions. Donations of any size (in sterling or by credit card) would also be gratefully received.

Origins and Funding
Advantages of CDRom
Licensing Information
System Requirements