Origins and Funding

This CDRom was produced in World Mathematics Year 2000 by the Centre for the Popularisation of Mathematics at the University of Wales, Bangor. It was part of a funded EC Project Raising Public Awareness in Mathematics (HRP-CT-1999-00003) instigated by the European Mathematical Society, coordinated by Mireille  Chaleyat-Maurel (Paris) and involving also the Chairman of the EMS WMY2000 Committee, Vagn Lundsgaard Hansen (Lyngby). Paris led a large project on Posters in Public Transport, and Lyngby led a poster competition. These and other activities in the direction of the general public, school teachers, pupils and Governments had so great an impact that the EMS Committee continues its action through a new Committee ``Raising Public Awareness in Mathematics" .

Production at Bangor was by SUMit Software, and in collaboration with the sculptor John Robinson. Support in addition to the EC grant  was given by the London Mathematical Society Education Committee, the Welsh Development Agency Wales Relay, the Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática, Edition Limitée, and the School of Informatics at Bangor. We are truly grateful to all these organisations for their support.

Version 1 was launched in November, 2000, at Obidos, Portugal,
and later at Bangor, as part of European Science Week 2000.

Version 1.1 (first published in August, 2001) has a new look, uses different animations and has been extensively revised and tested. This revision was funded by Edition Limitée.

Origins and Funding
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